Frequently Asked Questions

Please ask to see the Certificate of Kashrus when visiting all establishments. Current, valid up-to-date certificates are BLUE and they are valid through March 31, 2018.


Which restaurants are open for pre-paid Shabbos meals?

Which Establishments had a Sukka last year (in 2017) ?


China Bistro
Mama’s Pizza

Miami Beach

Carlos and Gabby’s
Claudine Uzan
Grill House
Lenny’s Pizza
Pita Loca
Tasty Cafe
Tower 41

North Miami Beach

17 North
Chai Wok
Holy Bagel NMB
Jerusalem Pizza
Kosher Subway
Pita Hut

Sunny Isles

Back Yard BBQ
Mexico bravo

Which Establishments will be open for Pesach this year?

Please check back often because this list is subject to change: This list is current as of March 28, 2018 Kosher for Pesach 2018

Which Establishments serve Bet Yosef Shechita?

There are no restaurants that only sell bet Yosef shechita. You would need to check with the Mashgiach at the restaurant that you want to go to to see if they have Bet Yosef shechita meat available on that day. Some butcher shops carry Bet Yosef Shechita at times, but you must check the label.

How do I know what shechita is being used by the restaurant that I want to go to?

You would need to check with the Mashgiach at the restaurant that you want to go to to see what kind of meat is available on that day, or what shechita they are using at that time. Restaurants must purchase their meat from KM approved suppliers, and those suppliers carry different brands of meat at different times.

Where can I stay that is close to kosher food and shuls?

In Miami Beach, there is a group of hotels called Charles Group of Hotels that are close to the 41st Street area, and the hotels have Shabbos friendly locks.

What is the difference between the KM and KDM certifications?

KM certification is reserved for establishments that are Cholov Yisroel, and KDM is for establishments that are not exclusively Cholov Yisroel. KDM certified establishments may have products that are Cholov Yisroel as well.

How do I kasher raw liver?