Chometz after Pesach

For an insightful article on buying chometz in a supermarket after Pesach, please see article by Rabbi Moishe Dovid Lebovitz, author of Halachically Speaking

Behind the Scenes of Kashrus – Part 1

What does it mean when we send out an email stating that “due to violations of Kosher Miami policies, such and such an establishment is no longer under Kosher Miami supervision and certification”? We hope the following explanation will not only clarify this particular issue but will also shed some light on the procedures and […]

Mashgiach Appreciation Shabbaton

An article that appeared in the June 2, 2011 edition of South Florida Jewish Home. Mashgiach Appreciation Shabbaton in South Florida. Orthodox Rabbinical Board and Kosher Miami Share Spotlight. By Rabbi Moshe Berger, Operations Manager for ORB. “I have goose bumps.” “Mamash gevaldik,” marveled Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro, Rav of Congregation Shaarey Tefila, as he addressed […]

Announcing Kosher Dairy Miami – KDM

Effective right after Pesach, 5769, a new kosher symbol will be appearing in the greater Miami community. The   symbol will indicate that non Cholov Yisroel products are being served by that establishment. The halachic issue of cholov yisroel is one which has a range of legitimate opinions. In order to meet the needs of […]