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Please ask to see the Certificate of Kashrus when visiting all establishments. Current, valid up-to-date certificates are GREEN and they are valid through June 30, 2023.

Kosher Miami Statement on Purchasing Chometz after Pesach 5783/2023

Any chometz that a Jew owned on Pesach that was not sold or disposed of properly is known as ‘chometz she’avar alav hapesach’.  It is forbidden for any Jew to eat or benefit from chometz she’avar alav hapesach.  This prohibition applies to any store or supplier that is Jewishly owned and did not sell their chometz.    

The position of Kosher Miami is that one may purchase chometz from all stores listed in both lists below. Even though list 2 contains stores that have Jewish suppliers, based on a number of mitigating factors, Kosher Miami’s policy is to allow purchase from those stores as well.

List 1
The following are companies that are not owned or supplied by Jews.  One may purchase chometz from these stores.

  1. Aldi
  2. BJ’s Wholesale Club
  3. Costco
  4. CVS
  5. Kmart
  6. Publix
  7. Sam’s Club
  8. Trader Joes
  9. Walgreens
  10. Walmart
  11. Whole Foods


List 2
The following are companies that are not owned by Jews but are known to have suppliers that are owned by Jews. These Jewish suppliers sell their chometz but continue to operate on Pesach. One should consult their Rav as to whether one can purchase chometz from these stores.

  1. Target – Some frozen and refrigerated foods in Target stores in certain parts of the United States, particularly on the East Coast, are in this category.  All non frozen chometz in Target is supplied by a non Jewish company.
  2. Winn Dixie


List 3
Franchised stores that are individually owned.  It is necessary to research each store’s ownership individually.

  1. 7-Eleven – Some stored may be Jewishly owned but the supplier for all the stores are non Jewish.


List 4
Online distributors such as Amazon, Sam’s Club and Walmart are not Jewish owned but often serve as distributors for other businesses that are Jewish owned. The name of the supplier is generally posted in the website and consumers should make a reasonable effort to determine if the supplier is Jewish before purchasing chometz after Pesach.

ALL Kosher Miami certified establishments have sold their chometz before Pesach, and one may purchase chometz from them after Pesach.

An insightful article on buying chometz after Pesach in supermarkets. By Rabbi Moishe Dovid Lebovits, author of Halachically Speaking Chometz-After-Pesach



Dixie BBQ

Mama’s Pizza

Pita Hut
Soho Asian Bar and Grill
The Fresh Carrot


Dixie BBQ

Miami Beach

17 Seventeen
Bagel Time

Pita Hut

Tasty Beach Cafe (KDM – Not Cholov Yisroel)
Tower 41 – Forty One

North Miami Beach

Bubby’s Fish N Chips

Chai Berry

Chai Wok
Jerusalem Pizza

Surfside – Sunny Isles


Claudine Uzan at the Marco Polo

Cuisine Art – Trump

Meat Bar
The Harbour Grill

There are no restaurants that only sell bet Yosef shechita. You would need to check with the Mashgiach at the restaurant that you want to go to to see if they have Bet Yosef shechita meat available on that day. Some butcher shops carry Bet Yosef Shechita at times, but you must check the label.
You would need to check with the Mashgiach at the restaurant that you want to go to to see what kind of meat is available on that day, or what shechita they are using at that time. Restaurants must purchase their meat from KM approved suppliers, and those suppliers carry different brands of meat at different times.

In Miami Beach, there is a group of hotels called Charles Group of Hotels that are close to the 41st Street area, and the hotels have Shabbos friendly locks.

KM certification is reserved for establishments that are Cholov Yisroel, and KDM is for establishments that are not exclusively Cholov Yisroel. KDM certified establishments may have products that are Cholov Yisroel as well.