(Miami Beach, Florida) After seventeen months of planning, The Vaad HaKashrus of Miami is
beginning to give hashgacha to local establishments and companies.

Since September, 2003, Orthodox Rabbanim of Miami-Dade County have been working diligently
to organize a new Vaad Hakashrus to serve the needs of the greater Miami community. “Kashrus
supervision is the domain and province of local Rabbanim” says Rabbi Neal Turk, Rabbi of Beth
Israel Congregation in Miami Beach. “Kashrus has always been the natural jurisdiction of local
Rabbanim.” The Vaad Hakashrus is working with the national organizations and local individuals
currently giving hashgacha to ensure a smooth transition to the Vaad HaKashrus.

“Standards of Kashrus are best served when overseen and administered by local Rabbanim who are responsible for the Halachic and moral integrity of their communities,” says Rabbi Shalom Lipskar, Rabbi of The Shul of Bal Harbor. There are over fifteen local Rabbis on the Rabbinical Board of the Vaad HaKashrus, and fifteen local businessmen, doctors and lawyers on the lay Board of Directors. The Vaad HaKashrus is a non-profit organization.

The Vaad HaKashrus, operating under the “Kosher Miami” name and using the logo, will be administered by Rabbi Yehuda Kravitz, a noted Rov and lecturer in New York, and an eight year
veteran at the OU. As one of the leading OU Rabbonim, Rabbi Kravitz currently oversees the kosher
supervision of five industries, including the entire meat industry, and was instrumental in setting new standards and implementing new kashrus guidelines. Rabbi Kravitz brings to Miami his vast knowledge of Halacha and practical kashrus, and as one of America’s leading kashrus professionals, is sure to enhance the standards of kashrus in Miami.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to join a growing community like Miami Beach,” says Rabbi Kravitz. “We will take kashrus in Miami to the next level. Local residents and tourists from around the world will feel comfortable eating out in Miami.” Rabbi Kravitz will be relocating to Miami from Brooklyn, New York. “With the sophisticated skills and expertise of our new kashrus administrator, we will be able to adhere to the strictest kashrus standards” says Rabbi Akiva Stolper, Rabbi of Congregation Ohr Chaim in Miami Beach.

Kosher Miami recently signed a contract with McArthur Dairy, the largest dairy in South Florida,
to provide Kosher for Passover supervision for the 2004 Passover holiday. “We would like to have
supervision for our entire product line all year round” says Mr. Danny Navarro of McArthur Dairy.
“We are looking forward to a long lasting relationship with Rabbi Kravitz.”

There are over sixty local establishments that will eventually come under the supervision of the Vaad

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